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Mystery of dawn - Augenlicht

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Mystery od Dawn gives us nineteen tracks on their new album, ‘Augenlicht’, including a remix of Enemy Nation’s ‘Endlich Frei’. All being dynamic rythms mixed together with some slower moments. Is this good or on contrary?
Well, for me the album is too monotonous and tiresome in some moments to stay in my memory for long.
Though the beginning is quite enrapturing (‘Evolution’ track), the next eighteen tracks are lacking that special ‘something’. Short, sometimes even shorter than 3 minutes, tracks suggest that the band tried to put too many ideas into one album (hence the number of tracks). That certainly wasn’t a good idea. After listening to the whole album you can just put it on your shelf and forget about it for a longer period of time.
The most powerfull pieces on the whole album are definetly ‘Stolz 2006’ and ‘Friendly Fucked’. Somewhere in between there’s ‘Suicide’ with a female vocal and a distorted male vocal (all painfully schematic). There are also track like ‘Sunbeam’ or ‘Dancing’ that remind of the electronics from the 80’s (mainly due to the main synthesizers), suddenly interrupted by the energetic ‘Control’. As for the lyrics... Well, we certainly heard ‘this is my rifle’ somewhere before. For me the subject fells quite exploited.
Concluding, Mystery of Dawn haven’t done anything new nor innovative. The album lacks a bit to call it good. In my opinion, it definetly lacks the resolve and the form is too chaotic, as if the artists haven’t decided on their path yet.
But, in the end, all comes down to personal preferences. That’s why I suggest you listen to ‘Augenlicht’ yourself and make your own opinion on it.


01. Evolution
02. sex sells
03. schlaflos
04. waves
05. blood screaming
06. suicide
07. collapsing world
08. control
09. stolz 2006
10. somebody said
11. dancing in the moonlight
12. sunbeam
13. vergiss nicht
14. live the moment
15. Krümel
16. last words
17. endlich frei
18. endlich frei - EN RMX
19. friendly fucked (statiCViolence)
Translator: SiNiC
Add date: 2009-10-08 / Music reviews

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