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New London After Midnight album Odebrane



Darkride Records announces the release of London After Midnight’s first live album, "Live From Isolation". The new album contains 10 performances; classic LAM songs plus some rarely performed fan favorites. Sean Brennan says "The album shows the power behind the live performances and gives the fans a chance to hear the band perform together, live, during a dark time when most people were in isolation".
The album also includes 6 very rare radio promos and commercials, unheard since the early 1990s. One of the radio commercials is for LAM's 1991 record release concert for the first album, "Selected Scenes from the End of the World", which originally aired on the famous Los Angeles radio station KROQ. The commercials, produced by the radio stations, were probably the first times that music related to the gothic rock scene was even mentioned on these mainstream radio stations.

Album preview:

The next studio album, "Oddities Too" was scheduled to be released in Autumn of 2020 but finishing that album required travel in order to mix and do final recording. The "live" album didn't have the same demands, as the band members could perform in their own studios and the final mix could be done online in real time between California and Sean's new headquarters on the east coast of the USA. "Oddities Too" will be postponed until later in 2021.
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