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Oliver Decrow - I'm Too Young To Die

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Oliver Decrow's debut album, "I'm Too Young to Die", emerges as a culmination of his reputation for stirring live performances. Offering a deeply personal narrative, the album invites listeners to traverse a diverse array of emotional terrain, from profound sorrow to tentative hope.
Opening with a poignant reflection on the loss of a friend to suicide, the album sets a tone of introspection that reverberates throughout its entirety. Decrow's lyrical exploration delves into themes of self-doubt, love, and the resilience of the human spirit, with each track serving as a window into his emotional and psychological landscape. Standout compositions like the infectious club anthem "Lost Adult" and the introspective "Subconscious Waves" offer captivating glimpses into the artist's psyche, while tracks such as "Hidden Darkness" demand attention with their arresting intensity.
Musically, Decrow's style fuses darkwave elements with ambient undertones, resulting in a sound that is simultaneously ethereal and grounded. The remastered tracks on the album add a layer of refinement and depth, elevating the overall sonic experience. From the dancefloor-ready energy of "Birthcage" to the emotionally charged "Unsatisfied Enough" and the experimental "My Bitter Tears", each song captivates with its instrumental prowess, vocal delivery, or innovative composition.
The album's acknowledgments section serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Decrow's collaborators and supporters, including his wife Kiki and key figures from Cold Transmission Music and the broader independent music community. This network of personal and professional relationships not only underscores the communal spirit of the scene but also highlights the collaborative effort behind Decrow's artistic vision.
"I'm Too Young to Die" transcends mere musical release; it represents an emotional odyssey that Decrow fearlessly navigates, inviting listeners to accompany him through the peaks and valleys of his narrative. For both longtime fans and newcomers alike, this album promises an immersive journey into the world of Oliver Decrow, characterized by raw vulnerability, authentic expression, and meticulously crafted sonic landscapes.

Release date: 10.05.2024
Label: Cold Transmission Label

1. I'm Too Young To Die
2. Birthcage
3. Unsatisfied Enough
4. Horse Hoof
5. Falling Down From Heaven
6. I Touch You
7. Maybe I Won't Die Tonight
8. Your Eyes Test Me
9. My Bitter Tears
10. Lost Adult
11. In My Room
12. Natural Instinct
13. Hidden Darkness

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