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Other Day

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Other Day
Other Day

Other Day
Other Day

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, Gothic


Band members:

Sad - vocals, violin, composing
Meech - music, sound effects
Niha - Céta - cello


Other Day were formed in summer of 1995. Vocalist and instrumentalist Sad (vocals) started to write the first compositions before Mike Bornschein (synth) and Niha (cello) joined and supported them in forming their very own style. They actually created their own musical vision combined with dark wave and a devotion to Romanticism and classical elements.

Vocalist Sad "talks" about his own visions of melancholy, death, love and life, sometimes supported by an angel-like female voice. Mixed with mystic and symphonic sound compositions Other Day created a new style and made them become an outstanding band. Not a year later they released their tape-debut "Sodium Amnital" and had their first shows, who presented Sad as a brilliant and exciting performer. April 1997 saw the release of their second tape "Farbentod", in which the band proved that they are certainly not stucked to the point they reached, but willing to go further, to continue to break the limits.

They catched a huge attention with their performance at the 7th Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, later at the "Herbstnächte". Wherever they played live they left an audience which was convinced and couldn't await the release of their debut CD, which finally saw the light in late March 98: "Fatum"

Just five tracks, self- distributed, but the national press was more than enthusiastic. "Fatum" captured high interest with its appreciated mixture of silent aswell as dancy tunes and lyrics who ask the listener to think. In the late summer of 1999 Other Day finally release their first full-length debut album "Erato Azur. Des Auge Klang"

In early 2001, Other Day have finished the recordings for their second full-length album Secidan and they really made a step forward in the songwriting skills. Dark romantic sounds, electronically touched, far beyond any clichés, sung in german, english and French.
It took them less than a year to start recording a new (yet untitled) album which shall be released in late spring/early summer of 2003. Taking the song "Secrecy" which they recorded for the Compilation "Songs Of Pain" and the further, yet only live performed, tracks another big progress in the band's songwriting skills can be expected.

Other Day fullfill the request for a combination of prestigious lyrics and the wish to float into beautiful music. And they do it with aim and love
Meanwhile, their third full length album called Karmapolis is out and you should take your time to follow their thoughts:
Three years has been passed since the release of “Secidan”. A time in each persons life, in which many things have happened. Big events or small matters that might have changed the entire existance of this person.

"Karmapolis" is a call back of such important happenings. The “Karma” - the current destiny which you live this exact moment being influenced by previous actions - is not settled in a certain place, it can be anywhere, in your mind, in your actions. “Polis” - the town - represents the place of previous actions; the place in which your responsibilities are based. The philosophical idea behind this thought is an important matter on “Karmapolis”

It is obvious that Other Day wish to tell their stories from their very intimate point of view in a very emotional mood. Even though there is no real “subject” the band wants to talk about, it’s far more compact than the previous release. The suppressed feelings fight their way out, force the single artists to give his best.

During the recordings which took no less than a year in Jena based studio HiomH they interrupted their works to perform various festivals such as GothAM in Amsterdam, Netherland or Bolkow Festival in Poland. Those breaks gave them the opportunity to reach a distance to their own creations and reflect them in a different light.

"Karmapolis I” and "II” for example show complete different results, based on the thought or act behind the initial idea. Here the Prologue, straight to the point, warm and moody, there the Epilogue, the chain reaction, the final cry full of bizarre sound creations - the open end.

In between Other Days existance is embedded. They already gave evidance (with the track “Secrecy” on “Songs Of Pain”) that meanwhile the “classical” song is in the foreground - free of musical fashions or trends - surrounded by distant electronical tunes.
Sads emotional vocals, his intense lyrics makes this album an outstanding peice of music in which the open minded listener can find his very own story.


Three years after the release of their full length album “Karmapolis” and the limited edition 12” picture LP “Decade” in 2005, Other Day have made an impressive return with their latest work “passage des sens - fall:wockenfuss”.

The recording sessions, which lasted several months, were a constant experiment with words and usic, as expected, without subscribing to current trends. And once again, Other Day have created something bittersweet and dramatic that other acts can only hope to imitate. In comparison to its predecessors, the new album highlights each song as a separate entity yet links them with a common thread, allowing the listener to create a complete emotional picture

of the music.

Another example of Other Day’s continued development and dynamic evolution is their collaboration with Ronny Moorings from Clan Of Xymox, who puts in a guest vocal appearance on “passage des sens - fall:wockenfuss” and a re-mixed track.

Even after a dozen or years of history the Naumburg trio are unobtrusive and fresh on today’s scene, presenting their unique brand of classic Romantic Wave with all the twists and turns the fans love