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Percival Schuttenbach

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Percival Schuttenbach
Percival Schuttenbach

Percival Schuttenbach
Percival Schuttenbach

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
folk, folk metal


Band members:

Mikołaj Rybacki
Katarzyna Bromirska
Joanna Lacher
Christina Bogdanova
Andrzej Mikityn



Percival Schuttenbach was established in May 1999 in Lubin. It was created by trio of musicians: Mikołaj Rybacki (guitar), Kornelia Rybacka (bass) and Katarzyna Bromirska (cello). Their music style is folk-metal, with a slight mixture of other genres. First demo  - "Moribuka" – has several tracks that smoothly pass from pure folk sounds to metal. 

In 2004 the band started to interest in historical reconstructive movement for Vikings and Slavs ages – so the "Percival" project was born. Interest in history had an impact on the band’s music. Since then group’s works are interwoven by influences like pagan, Slavs, historical, connected with their strong commitment to the reconstructive movement.
"Reakcja pogańska"  - released in 2009, it is their first official album. It combines experiences of Percival Schuttenbach’s musicians of 10 years of activity.

At the end of 2013 Percival Schuttenbach was invited to take part in a recording sessions for purpose of creating music to the cult video game "Wiedźmin 3 - Dziki Gon".  Despite sounds of instruments and voices of all band’s members recorded specially for CD Project Red, whole group’s discography was made available to use.