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Polish Dark Independent New Year's Eve
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Polish DI New Year's Eve will take place in the centre of Cracow, in Kot Karola Club.
Frotman (Electroperversion)
- EBM, Electro-pop, Electro-tech, Electro Industrial, IDM, Electronic, Experimental, Techno, Industrial Rock...
Bagiennik (Electroperversion) - Synth-pop, Future-pop, Dark Electro...
Lakers (Cold Gothic Night) - Gothic Rock, Cold Wave, New Wave...
Styx (Synthetic Madness) - Dark Electro, Electro, EBM...
Master Craftsman (Cold Gothic Night) - Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Death Rock, Post Punk, New Wave...
DeV (Digital Riot, Synthetic Madness) - Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal and 80's...

Opening: 31st December 2013 time: 08.00 pm
Finish: 1st January 2014 time 07.00 am

Tickets available only in presale.

seating, vodka (0,5l for two people), juice (1l for 2 people), champagne (0,7l for 4 people), crisps, twiglets. Security. Kitchen open till morning. Bars open till morning.
59 PLN till 10th December 2013 (1 person)
69 PLN till 20th December 2013 (1 person)
79 PLN till 31st December 2013 (1 person)
Cloakroom - 2 PLN.

To provide high quality of amusement number of tickets is limited.

tickets are available at KOTKAROLA Club or via internet:account no: 17 2490 0005 0000 4520 6856 9886

Transfers inconsistent with the given dates will be sent back.

The Organizer: KLUB KOTKAROLA [email protected]

Author: Artemistress
Translator: morrigan
Source: @ / materiały promocyjne organizatora / 2013-12-07 / Events

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