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Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

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 If there had been organized a contest for the hardest working man, definitely the 2007 year`s winner would has been Steven Wilson. The multiinstrumentalist eminently didn`t loaf in that past year 2007. He filled a year with cds and concerts, where he`s the main power. Fans were very happy. Fanatics even more... The second album of duo Blackfield, a new cd of Porcupine Tree, the series of concerts, plus "rejects" from recording session "Fear Of A Blank Planet" , which had to come up in September also in version CD, EP is titled "Nil Recurring". 

But coming back to merits: "Fear Of A Blank Planet" it`s a serious publication. It`s not full of songs and hits Blackfield. This cd needs a moment of focus. The children`s faces lost in thoughts inside a book added to the album require reflection... The lyrics touch serious things. Trying to make realize a listener that we have less and less to rescue on Earth.. Soon we will be a imporverished planet. Will we wake up then? Have to be too late? 

It doesn`t let sleep the title track which is based on hard riff. It meaningfully opens the album. A ballad in a little bit "blackfield" style "My Ashes" which could be playing on the radio with success (feelings agreed with my friend radioman), makes calm. But maybe in trick way it drives a listener to the longest composition on the cd. Lasting over seventeen minutes "Anesthetize", diversed in rhythm and dramaturgy needs to be listened to a few times... The beginning`s softness transforms to the mighty heavy metal, full of emotions fragment. The next track "Sentimental" gives a breathing space. And so changeable... "Way Out Of Here" it`s a composition much rapacious (textual "empty blue") additionally embellished with Robert Fripp`s guitar displays. The final calms a listener again. A bit oriental "Sleep Together" for a good ending of the good album. 

Many artists on their latest publications appeal for more consideration in associate with Mother Nature, with the world, which we have only (supposed) one and we don`t care much about it. Steven Wilson`s mutiny is soften as befits English genthleman of progressive music. Wilson his bitterness and dissapointment of the present civilization express with grace. The style and seriousness of "Fear Of A Blank Planet" are emphasized also by the guests invited to record this album. Alex Lifeson from Rush and Robert Fripp from King Crimson. But surely fans would buy the new Porcupine even without any extra displays by these good musicians on the new cd. Pretty big part of the listeners Porcupine Tree accepts the next offers of this group with all benefit of the inventory. Because Steven Wilson`s music is a bacillus hard to heal. 

Porcupine Tree presented "Fear Of A Blank Planet" during the last year`s tour. They came to Poland again on 28th November. This time to Poznan`s Arena. The special guest during the concert was the band Anathema.


01. Fear Of A Blank Planet
02. My Ashes
03. Anesthetize
04. Sentimental
05. Way Out Of Here
06. Sleep Together
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