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Psyborg Corp

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Psyborg Corp
Psyborg Corp

Psyborg Corp
Psyborg Corp

Kolumbia / Colombia

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Aggrotech, cyberpunk, dark electro, ebm, Harsh EBM, industrial


Band members:

p5YbORG! - vocals, programming, keyboards
Miss Pixel - bass
UserX86 - guitars


Cyber strike on human soil! The Colombian band Psyborg Corp. perfectly proves that Electro/Industrial and Harsh EBM bands do not necessarily have to come from Europe or the US. A strong Sci-Fi visual and lyrical concept added to powerful beats and catchy melodic lines make Psyborg Corp. one of the most promising newcomers in the Electro/Industrial scene.

Germany, England, USA, Colombia, Japan, Chile, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, Russia,
Netherlands among other countries certifies that this first album "The Mechanical Renaissance" is nothing but a powerful container
cell of 12 tracks of a pure melodic Electro/Industrial Blast!