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Rome band


Luksemburg / Luxemburg

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
martial industrial, neofolk, Post-Industrial


Band members:

Jérôme Reuter – voice
Thomas Bøjden (2007-2008) – voice
Patrick Damiani (2008-2010) – co-producer
Nikos Mavridis (2009-2010) – violin
Patrick Kleinbauer (2011-obecnie) – drums
Tom Luciani (2011-obecnie) – keyboard, e-bass
Eric Emmel (2011-obecnie) – double bass


Rome was created by Jerome Reuter, who is its leader and the only regular member. In 2010 the band suspended its activity, but in 2011 returned on the world stage with a new members and started to give concerts.
Rome's music can be called "the poetry of longing" - at first it was themed around the subject of the war, the position of the idividual in society and history, now it is focused on contemporary Europe: its melancholy and despair, the feeling of alienation. The main characters of these stories are some kind of rebeliants, like in Albert Camus novels, people of XX century - exiled and fugitive, despised and misunderstood, everlasting enemies of dictatorship. That's what Jerome's songs are all about.