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S.K.E.T -Empires Fall

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S.K.E.T has always held a special place as my favorite project, ever since I first encountered "Zond" and witnessed their performance at Forms of Hands. Their style is undeniably expressive, characterized by an unapologetic approach where every element, from the combination of sounds to the melodic maneuvers, is executed with stunning precision. From the onset, with the opening track "Conscience Speaking," S.K.E.T. sets the tone with a relentless tempo that immediately grabs your attention. The fusion of speed, rhythm, and ingenious sound arrangements is nothing short of remarkable, evoking a sense of urgency and intensity that leaves no room for indifference.
The band effortlessly blends hypnotic, abrasive textures with irresistibly catchy elements, all delivered with an ambitious flair. Personally, I found myself fully immersed in their music, dancing through the entire album while jotting down notes on my knee. S.K.E.T's music has always possessed an addictive quality, and this latest release is no exception. Remarkably, every track on the album stands out, making it challenging to pick favorites. Bravo, bravo indeed—a knockout performance! This is not merely an album to dissect; it's a visceral explosion of sound that captivates and enchants from start to finish. Keep up the fantastic work!

Release date: 26.04.2024
Label: Hands Label

1. Conscience Speaking
2. Rise Resist!
3. We are Who We are
4. Call a Spy
5. Educate Agitate Insubordinate
6. Exploit
7. Individualism Plus Minus
8. Human Flesh – Adren0Chrome RMX
9. Antagonistic Contradiction
10. One Degree Celsius
11. Madness 2 The Method
12. Empires Fall!
13. Breathe Dust and Sand
14. Oppenheimers Dilemma

Translator: khocico
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