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:scheuermann: - :selfslave:

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RATING 80% (+ 10% for the lovers of silent despair)

:scheuermann: invites us to enter his world once again. And once again it's hard to fit into it, but at the same time to forget about it.
The CD ":selfslave:" is the fourth full album of the Polish project from Stettin. The brainchild of Senon takes the listener to the world that lies deep below the border of soul and is definitely not aimed at the lovers of catchy melodies. All takes place somewhere between consciousness and physicality, within the theater of body and thought.  A high degree of intimacy influences the structure of the message  - on ":selfslave:", even the aggressive fragments do not harm the listener's ears; they tease the ego by invading the recipients calm. The tracks emerge from the abyss of silence to drown in it again at the end or to transform into the next track. The lack of aggression and dynamism doesn't mean that the CD cannot influence the listener. On the contrary, it is much more stirring and it builds the tension far better than some “soul-tuner-like” releases.

The rich instrumentation has been recorded very well – that's a good thing,  as it confirms the producing abilities of the domestic scene. The release of the album of a good quality, similar to those Western (one-person, even 'home-made') undertakings is quite popular in Poland now. If, additionally, the content is interesting (as in the case of the album we discuss) we can ease while waiting for the revolution on the music market that is about to come.

I strongly dissuade you from listening to the album at random, as it's clearly a conceptual one, designed and recorded with an idea that reveals its charm when listened in compliance with the basic audio requirements.
Headphones, seclusion, plenty of time – without it, the proper approach towards the CD will be rather hard (the same goes for the other characteristic and unique projects, e.g. the ghastly symphonic Elend). For these reasons :scheuermann: is not, and will never be a live act or a typically 'party-music' project – it just offers a totally different kind of experience. Its reception is so highly individualized that I'm not going to give away my favorite tracks - I'll let you find your own path in the world of  :scheuermann:'s sounds.

:scheuermann: - :selfslave:
  1. Brain Chemistry
  2. Genesis of Fault
  3. Contraption Warming
  4. Burst Together
  5. Respire into Myself
  6. The Manifest (Mothlike Introduction)
  7. Mothlike
  8. Shape of Light
  9. Canvas Skin
  10. Flutter
  11. Synthetic
  12. Still
  13. Female Fetter
  14. Scars
  15. Trip Over Soul
  16. Distant
  17. Fade in Fear
Translator: Vesper
Add date: 2006-06-20 / Music reviews

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