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Skemer – Kiss Me Kill Me (Kontravoid Remix)/ Toasts & Sentiments

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The Belgian duo SKEMER caught my attention with Kontravoid's remix of "Kiss Me Kill Me." Please, let's steer clear of any associations with Bono; that's completely off track.
Skemer, comprised of Kim Peers and Mathieu Vandekerckhove (from Amenra), has released some very intriguing albums, including 'Benevolence' from 2019 and their latest, 'Toasts & Sentiments,' from 2023. While the remix isn't the typical brutal sound tank usually associated with Kontravoid's work, it still injects the song with a vibrant, distinctive, and highly infectious energy. The original track from 'Toasts and Sentiments' leans more towards the dark wave and post-punk genres, exuding a dark, sensual, and heavier atmosphere compared to the remix. Cameron Findlay undeniably infuses the track with a club-friendly vibe, transforming it into a bona fide dance hit.
Inspired by this remix, I delved into the entire album, and I highly recommend it. The juxtaposition of dark, profound music with Kim's crystalline, resonant vocals is captivating. The deep bass lines and theatrical vocals, oscillating between recitation and singing, with a somewhat ritualistic, poetic quality, form an exceptionally successful blend. Similarly, the intertwining of Kim and Mathieu's vocals adds another layer of depth.
Skemer exudes their own distinct artistic energy and musical rhythm, particularly evident on tracks like 'Seen,' where they can seamlessly shift from a club-paced tempo ('Zegens,' 'Overgrave,' 'Out Of Favor' - all amazing tracks) to a punk-infused sound ('Easy To Embrace') or channel the spirit of Billy Idol ('Used to You,' which immediately brought to mind 'White Wedding,' albeit a few registers lower). They also captivate with their dark sensuality, as showcased in tracks like "Like Dolls" or "Eyelashes." Overall, Skemer's project boasts a remarkably diverse atmosphere, and I appreciate their refusal to be confined to a single pattern, which keeps me listening with keen interest. Highly recommended!

Release date: 01.02.2024
Label: Avant Records

Toasts& Sentiments tracklist:
4.Easy To Embrace Feat. Gregory De Brauwer 
5.Kiss Me Kill Me 
6.Used To You 
8.Out Of Favor 
9.New Born Babe 
11.Like Dolls 
Translator: khocico
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