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Sound Tesselated – Morning

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Sound Tesselated is an electro-pop duo from Berlin. The band was formed in the 1990’s and they have recorded 5 studio albums. On their website the duo describes their music as electro-pop with "atemporal aura". Norman Haase and Ricardo Beck claim that they are "unaffected by trends, chart-positions and mainstream compatibility" and that have always concentrated on "creating brilliant pop songs". Their newest album Morning is supposed to be "beyond doubt the best" album in their career, "filled with 12 catchy electro-pop songs". Additionally, the CD contains 2 bonus tracks.

Perhaps Morning is the best Sound Tesselated album indeed, but I can’t judge whether it’s true, since I haven’t heard their previous CDs. Moreover, having listened to Morning, I am not really sure whether I would like to hear them. The music on this album does not stand out in any way. It is a collection of light and rather happy songs, some more danceable, and some more balladish. Of course, they are heavily inspired by the 80’s and with echoes of music by bands such as And One. The problem does not lie in the fact that this album is in no way innovative. You don’t usually search for innovation or revelation in simple and melodic electro-pop music. Nonetheless, as for me, there is nothing really catchy on this album. Despite the fact that the music has been quite well produced and sounds fairly ok, nothing makes true impression on me here. The first sounds of the first track do give hope for something more, however, the totally average chorus destroys this hope completely. Even though I have listened to this album several times, I still can’t point out any song that would stand out from the rest. There could be some little pop jewels here, songs that could be good to dance to or to listen to in the car… but there aren’t any. Some sounds, tunes, fragments of songs are promising – but the promise is never accomplished.

Maybe the most devoted fans of this kind of music will have more warm words for this album than I have. I do think the Sound Tesselated duo have skills and potential to record some real hits; pity that the potential has not been realized here, and songs that start quite well do not have interesting choruses, or the other way round – the track Nautic Lovesing has a really catchy chorus, but nothing more.


01. Wonderland
02. Paper Dreams
03. Plastic People
04. Crossing Borders
05. Nautic Lovesong
06. On The Shore
07. Starlight Queen
08. Memories
09. When You Light Me
10. The Way I Walk
11. Higher Skies
12. Out Of The Dark


13. Night 2012
14. Don't Wanna See You (feat. Durlaub)
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