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Statiqbloom - Kain

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Attention, alert level 100/100!
Can you believe in love at first sound? Well, with Statiqbloom, it's not just a fleeting crush – it's a full-blown romance. As someone deeply influenced by the industrial greats, hearing Fade Kainer's work doesn't just make my heart skip a beat – it sets it racing at 120 beats per minute! It's like being in a trance, a mesmerizing blend of sound that feels like pure gold to my ears. The way he balances beats, rhythms, dynamics, and aggression is nothing short of perfection, leaving you spellbound and entranced. I won't even bother listing the tracks – each one is a powerhouse of energy translated into sound. Anyone who can meld raw industrial sounds with catchy beats without falling into the trap of generic disco deserves major props. I'm all about that creative intelligence shining through in its own unique way – it keeps me hooked and hungry for more.
Bravo, Statiqbloom. You've nailed it.

1.Face Annihilation 
2. Fire Of The Heart 
3. Obsidian Obscura 
4. Cessation Of Light 
5. Hidden From Form 
6. Cold Steel Howl 
7. Treacherous Eyes 
8.The Earth Drank Blood 


Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-03-02 / Music reviews

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