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Sunshine - Logo

Sunshine band photo. Radek Brousil (2013)

Czechy / Czech Republic

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
indie, indie rock, post-punk, rock


Band members:

Karel Buriánek (Kay) – Vocal, Guitar
Daniel Bláha (Dan) - Drums
Jiří Kouba – Electric guitar
Pavel Litvaj (Tvzex) – Bass guitar

Past members:
Amák, Márty


Sunshine is a Czech indie rock band founded in 1994 in Tabor. Soon after establishing the band its members moved to USA where they were recording albums and giving concerts with American band At The Drive-In among the others.
At the beginning they created heavy hardrock music but in the course of time they started to mix rock with alternative music and experiment with electronics.
They have already performed in Chech Republic, USA, England, France, Germany or Russia. In 2003 and 2007 they reached Japan, where three of their albums were licensed.
They became famous abroad thanks to their emotional and spontaneous performances.
Currently they are one of the best Czech guitar bands.
Their enormous success results from a few things. Apart from sensational music they create, catchy image and clear guitar sound also the amazingly charismatic vocalist Kay is worth mentioning.