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T.O.Y. - Silent Soldiers
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Finally new material from German synthpop legends T.O.Y. Limited to 500 copies worldwide all handnumered.

"Silent Soldiers" is a typical pop song ranging between Depeche Mode, Faithless and White Lies. It is not surprising that Faithless drummer Andy Treacey promised his collaboration after confessing his love for the band on Instagram. Initially "Silent Soldiers" was meant to be released as a single two years after the Comeback Album "Pain is Love". However, Torny Gottberg, label boss of Progress Productions and long-term friend of the band, suggested to release "Silent Soldiers" as a limited edition of two track CD.
T.O.Y. were so taken by the idea, that the band locked themselves into the studio without further ado to record "Fragile" as a second exclusive track. The soundtrack of the upcoming summer is thus a fact – and the waiting time is perfectly bridged for the upcoming T.O.Y. album.
Available from 7 June 2019 by Progress Productions.

01. Silent Soldiers
02. Fragile
Author: hellium
Source: Progress Productions / 2019-06-05 / News

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