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Taxim - Monitoring

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I’ve heard Taxim for the first time trying to write a review of their newest release. I wouldn’t hide that I wanted them to impress me...
This German electro-industrial band amazed me with the track Das Augenproblem, album Monitoring opening, released this year by Ionium Records.
This first track is a mix of electronic freshness, modernity, mystery and a kind of magic. All of these features are mixing for whole album, and it is hard to separate them.

TAXIM is not hiding their Jean-Michel Jarre inspiration. And, of course, one cannot stop thinking that they are using achievements of electronic music pioneer. Especially it is noticeable during 500 Stufen, Pain remains or 68/12.
The track that left me impressed, just after Das Augenproblem, is 2011, when side by side with crazy piano sounds appear heavy guitars. In this embodiment it is a perfect mix!

Definitely the worst and disgusting track is Ich bin nicht schuld. It sounds like poor disco-electro from the nineties of the last century. It destroys wholeness and I would remowe it from tracklist with pleasure.
Monitoring is an interesting publishing, that becomes boring with time. I can’t listen to it without associations to Jean-Michel Jarre. Definitive similarities disturb proper reception of the album for me.
I recommend listening to it after earlier division into two or three parts.


01. Das Augenproblem
02. Tringa solitaria
03. 2011
04. Digital revolution
05. Ich bin Nicht Schuld
06. How happy you are
07. Pain remains
08. 500 Stufen
09. 68/12
10. Dein Kind?
11. World in slow motion
Translator: nemesea
Add date: 2013-05-15 / Music reviews

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