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The Beautiful Dead - Nightmare's Coming To Town

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Five (not) Santa Clauses are going to your city. Instead of sugary Christmas carols on the lips - a sardonic smile. Instead of luscious red - leather jacket and jeans. In the bag they are carrying a powerful charge of testosterone. They did not come with illuminated from all sides Coca-Cola’s truck. They came in boots. Get ready for a rod from The Beautiful Dead.
German band, which has recorded two albums and several minor releases so far, spinning hitherto in climates of progressive new wave and melancholic gothic. This time they have decided to kick some ass. And they do it really solidly.
"Nightmare's Coming to Town" EP is a material that no one seems to doubt, is punk like. Synthesizers gave a way to aggressive guitars (comprising also from interesting solos), representing undeniable advantage of this album, paces are insanely turned up (reaching extremum in "Pig Damnation"), and whole turned out to be sharp, ironic, cruel and... uniquely rewarding. Gentle singing was gave up, and harsh vocal rarely goes for inner trips, commenting with firm tone with a large dose of humor condition of surrounding and contemporary mentality. Associations with The Damned, 45 Grave are as far as possible accurate. Additionally come here distinct influences of hardcore, which distinguish this material against aforementioned groups.
Already somehow programmatic "We Won’t Let Go" gives the feeling that we have found album that maybe even Johnny Rotten himself would be proud to have. The band creates harmonious collective - compatible group shouts can confirm this. The title track starts still in a way characteristic to wave, but it is a misdirection – it is the cleanest representative of punk rock from the record. Because The Beautiful Dead have not gave up on previous style, which can be heard in "(I'll Be) Lost And Found" (although sharper, but without a doubt immersing in new wave) and "Drifting Away" (with synthesizers soothing guitars, more delicate singing and introversive lyric).
Provocative, often pleasantly arrogant words reach full of humour and sarcasm in "So Bizarre" and "Attack On the Inside", at the same time these compositions arouse great impression also in terms of music: first one because of ideal harmony of weight and melody as well as guitar-percussion cascade break. Extensive "Attack On The Inside" punks transform smoothly from a garage band into jazz (ears drilling sweet bass) - and conversely. Thus the amount of imported progressive elements is by no means insignificant. Besides Germans easily play with convention - from the Wild West ("The Devil & Tom Zimmermann-Steitz") to horror. And that with all the simplicity blissfully mixes in the head.
You may think that issuing album in a different genre than previously can be risky. The Beautiful Dead prove that it is a crap, they did it greatly. In "We Won’t Let Go," we hear the phrase "Should we continue?". And although they do not require a response, it can be one only.
"So listen to it!".

01. We Won't Let Go
02. Nightmare's Coming To Town
03. (I'll Be) Lost And Found
04. So Bizarre
05. Pig Damnation
06. Attack On The Inside
07. Drifting Away
08. The Devil & Tom Zimmermann-Steitz
Translator: hellium
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