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The Soft Moon + Fatamorgana

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The Soft Moon is a project the fans of strong, dark sounds have known and cherished for years.  Already the first release from 2010, "The Soft Moon", caused a stir in the alternative music environment, and the subsequent "Zeroes" and "Deeper" only confirmed Luis Vasquez's position as a true virtuoso in handling extreme, difficult-to-tame emotions in a form of the most exquisite music.
The concert in Cracow was the part of the tour promoting the latest release "Exister", which premiered literally a few days before the start of the tour - on September 23rd, 2022. At the invitation of the Follow The Step agency, The Soft Moon played day after day in three Polish cities -  Poznań, Warsaw, and Cracow. I was lucky to participate in a concert in Cracow and it was one of the best concerts that I saw not only this year but also in general.
Already after the concerts in Warsaw and Poznań, the news was spread that the shows were an absolute madness and that the gentlemen "do not spare themselves". Well, maybe they were not sparing themselves, but it seems they also regenerated very quickly because in Cracow their performance was a total sonic and emotional devastation to the audience. Let me put it like this -  Luis Vasquez and Luigi Pianezzola do not take prisoners.
The gentlemen started off with a strong sonic kick - with the song "Burn" from the album "Criminal" and they immediately set the right tone for the whole performance - dark, vibrating, absolutely amazing post-punk of the best class. It was an experience if not mystical, then emotionally draining for sure. Wonderful. The lyrics "Can't can't control myself" could be the leitmotif of the entire concert - what was going on in the audience can be described in two words - uncontrolled madness. The Main Post Office Meeting Club is quite a small one, so the audience, gathered in large numbers as close as possible to the stage, was completely carried away willingly surrendering to the music flowing from the stage.
And there was a lot going on, on the said stage, too -  after a smooth transition from older albums, the musicians switched to songs from the latest album "Exister", which I must admit honestly, is an absolute gem for me:  a perfect mix of emotions and sounds that "click" from the very first moment. Heart-tearing sounds, lyrics, and a thrilling sound plus the performance itself - although the lights were kept to a minimum and we were all wading in clouds of smoke, the sound itself played the major part. With another of my beloved songs, "Face is Gone", I had the impression of participating in a collective, hypnotizing trance from which I absolutely did not want to wake up.
The Soft Moon's music is a difficult subject in terms of emotions;  the stories it tells are a bit like an outburst of anger, regret, pain, and the musical representation of these emotions simply sweets you off your feet. An amazing concert, a real revelation.
As a support-surprise we had a chance to see the project FATAMORGANA, a synth-pop band by Patrycja Proniewska and Louis Harding. Extremely atmospheric and stylistically tasteful performance was a mixture of a slightly hypnotic, trance-like musical journey and more energetic, dynamic passages. A beautiful opening of the concert night.
The Soft Moon continues their European tour - you will see them in Germany, Italy, Spain, and France, among others, then in November the band will perform in the USA.

Setlist The Soft Moon: 
Face is Gone
Become The Lies
The Pain
Breathe The Fire
Like a Father
Die Life
Translator: khocico
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