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The Threshold HouseBoys Choir - Form Grows Rampant

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After the death of Coil’s John Balance, there was absolutely no doubts about ending the band’s activity. But the second half of Coil, Peter Christopherson, is way too creative to end his career with the end of his mother band. Just after releasing the final, farewell Coil album, "Ape Of Naples", at the end of 2005 Sleazy has debuted on a gig in Russia with his new, solo project. The Threshold HouseBoys Choir – an intriguing name. Threshold House – states for Christopherson’s label, which releases Coil and related project’s albums. Boys – maybe it’s connected with his personal likings. And Choir? Well, that’s the most misleading, because there isn’t any choir here – TTHC is a completely solo project of Sleazy and his MacBook (although Danny Hyde was co-producing). But the electronic sounds reminds of strange, human voices, which we could really connect with some choir. "Form Grows Rampant", the Choir’s first longplay, comes along with a DVD. On the CD we can find five tracks (but the overall time is nearly 50 minutes), on the DVD – a documentary from Krung Thep Festival in Thailand, directed by Peter himself. There’s no reason to write separately about each song – the album is a coherent entirety, consisted of ambient mantras, sometimes enriched with drone sounds. Macintosh-made choir sounds awesome (especially in "Intimations Of Spring" – probably the most beautiful track here). The beauty of this music starts in exactly the same place, that beauty of "Ape Of Naples" ends. Although Coil’s final work was filled with sadness and melancholy, and here we got a lot of positive, sometimes even happy (like in "As Doors Open Into Space", by the way it’s a new version of "Mahil Athal Nadrach", already known from the "...It Just Is" compilation) energy. It’s a kind of music, which we play at night on headphones, in an empty room, with closed eyes and waiting for our imagination to react and make the strangest visions. I hope "Form Grows Rampant" will be just the first step in a another, beautiful chapter of the works of Peter Christopherson.
PS. I strongly warn against downloading or uploading this album on the net – it was cursed against piracy.


Part 1: "A Time of Happening"
Part 2: "Intimations of Spring"
Part 3: "So Young It Knows No Maturing"
Part 4: "So Free It Knows No End"
Part 5: "As Doors Open Into Space" 
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Add date: 2009-06-24 / Music reviews

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