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Then Comes Silence - Ride or Die

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Then Comes Silence, a project I've cherished for years, has inked a deal with Metropolis Records, and their upcoming album "Trickery" is set to hit shelves on April 5. Today marks the release of the first single from this album, titled "Ride or Die."
Right off the bat, you'll notice the unmistakable motif of intertwining bass and guitars, a trademark sound of Then Comes Silence - it's almost like their signature. This particular melodic blend is unmistakably theirs. The track is incredibly catchy, intense, and dark, as expected from TCS, yet shrouded in enigma. In the accompanying video, the artists don various masks - notably crafted from paper - a recurring motif that adds significance. Then Comes Silence's music is imbued with symbolism and deeply personal, brimming with emotional melodies, poignant lyrics, and captivating stage presence, yet it remains relatable. The gentlemen have undoubtedly delivered - it's a piece that stays true to TCS's distinctive style, emotionally resonant and musically refined. The interplay of bass and guitar, layered synthesizers forming a rich backdrop, and dynamic percussion all contribute to its power. Directed by Gözde Duzer from Aux Animaux, the video adds a unique flavor to the visuals. I eagerly anticipate the album; it promises to be a truly exquisite musical experience.

Release date: 01.03.2024
Label: Metropolis Records

Then Comes Silence emerges from the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, with Alex Svenson standing as the sole original member since the band's inception in 2012. Their journey began amidst the whirlwind of frequent tours alongside A Place To Bury Strangers, fueled by a fascination with horror and the occult. As time progressed, the German post-punk scene warmly welcomed the band, offering them a newfound sense of belonging. With a flurry of three albums released in rapid succession, Then Comes Silence caught the attention of Nuclear Blast in 2016, leading to the unveiling of 'Blood'. This collaboration ignited a series of exciting opportunities, propelling the band into the spotlight. They embarked on ventures to captivate broader audiences, sharing stages with luminaries such as The Fields of the Nephilim and The Chameleons, while gracing renowned festivals like M'era Luna, Wave Gotik Treffen, Amphi Festival, Castle Party, and W-Festival, among others. Joined by drummer Jonas Fransson in 2015 and guitarist Hugo Zombie (formerly of Los Carniceros del Norte) in 2018, Then Comes Silence solidified their lineup, enhancing their sonic prowess and stage presence. Renowned as torchbearers of goth, post-punk, and darkwave, Then Comes Silence remains synonymous with consistent releases of top-notch material and relentless touring, earning their stripes as one of the genre's premier live acts.
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