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Theodor Bastard

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Castle Party is ahead of us. Theodor Bastard is one of the bands playing during this year’s edition the festival. Here  Fedor Svolotch talks about touring, playing and live concerts...

1. You are on tour now so how is it going? What are your impressions so far? 

F.S.: Lately, because of the political situation in the world music and concerts are not only a way of creativity for us, but also they are other way of communication with people. I think that music can do what is impossible to be done by our politics. Creativity is a universal language, much older than all other existing languages and nations.

2. Castle Party festival is ahead of us. Are you ready for the performance yet? What are you preparing for your fans?

F.S.: It’s not our first visit in Poland. We love Polish audience. It is always something special to play concert for our brotherly Slavonic nations. I believe we’ve got something in common which unify us.

3.  There’s a claim that live performance is the strongest aspect of Theodor Bastard. So what’s the essence of live performance for you? 

F.S.: Music – wave. Contemporary physics suggests that our whole universe, whole matter which surrounds us is in a way a wave. Recreating vibration through music is a way to get closer to deeper and basic understanding of the universe. In this sense, concerts for us are a way to get vibrations from the audience, the ones which are a source of energy for us and for them.

4. Can you say something about all these acoustic instruments like ethnic percussions, kazu, saz that you use? How did you come up with the idea to use them?

F.S.: We have a large collection of musical instruments from all around the Word. From Russian folk ones as ‘gusli’ to exotic ‘dunchen’ – Tibetan ritual, ‘Baglama’ – Turkish version of ‘Saz’, African percussion ‘Jumbo’, ‘Ashic’ from Near East ‘Darbuka’, ‘daf’, ‘ doira’ itp. These instruments are not a tribute to exoticism for us. Most of all they give us all those sounds which are cannot be found in traditional rock instruments. Electronics is becoming boring nowadays, especially when it pretends to be ‘live music’.
5. You’ve already played during WGT, CP is soon to be added to your list but is there any other place you would especially like to play in, the dream one?

F.S.: I think it would be really great to play somewhere in Africa, or maybe here in Cambodia. We’re often in this country but we have never played here.

6. Any words to the fans?

F.S.: See you soon, friends!
Thank you and see you in Bolków.
Translator: morrigan
Add date: 2014-07-14 / Interviews

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