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This Cold

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This Cold
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This Cold
This Cold

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Rock, post-punk


Band members:

Agata Pawłowicz – vocal
Darek "Leszy" Borowiec – guitar
Łukasz Łysy – bass guitar
Marcin Tokarski – drums


This Cold has been formed around the core of a cold-wave band Cabaret Grey, which started co-operation with Agata Pawlowicz.
The project is pretty young yet, but its members have a lot of music experience. Vocalist Agata Pawlowicz is known from singing in Desdemona band for over seven years, where she recorded 2 long-plays and a bootleg, and currently she’s teamed up with Maciej Niedzielski (Artrosis) to form electronics project known as Alienoil. Guitarist Darek “Leszy” Borowiec is Cabaret Grey’s founder, who swiftly stormed cold-wave scene and during its two year existence has its well stirred.

Cabaret Grey took part is a series of concerts, has released - well received in Poland – EP “Stirring” and featured in a few indie music albums. In 2013 the band quit using its old name and started playing as This Cold, the first performance being the cover of “Jihad” song in “Tribute to Closterkeller” album on a party promoting the recording.

In the current form, the band has not lost its post-punk ferocity, while still telling a story between Gothic nostalgia for 80 years and Britpop, touching on rock 'n' roll, post-rock, and the whole thing uniting them ethnic trance sound of the rhythm section. In the era of ubiquitous electronics This Cold consistently denies its use, keeping the assumptions that the best music is created only on live instruments and flows out of the heart rate rather than a laptop processor.