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Too Late

Too Late
Zucker, Kubi, Mrozu and Rafał

Too Late
Too Late

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
punk rock, rock


Band members:

Marcin Kubiczak „Kubi” (lid. vocal+ guitar)
Tomasz Poniewiera „Zucker” (bass)
Rafał Swalski po prosu „Rafał” (drums)
Piotr Mróz „Mrozu” (keyboard + vocal)


The band was formed in Szczecin in the district of Pogodno in mid-2009. Music created by Too Late combines the new wave and rock'n'roll climate of the 1980s with trance sounds. As often happens, the band initially played cover versions of songs made by flagship punk bands such as the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and Exploited. A year after their debut, the band was joined by a keyboard player Peter ('Mrozu') who gave their music a more new waveish character. The group has had several successful
concerts and performed with bands like Apteka, Kolaboranci, Włochaty and Dr. Hackenbush. In December 2010, Too Late took part in their first contest and won the 'Floating Festival Trippin' in the Free Blues Club in Szczecin, which opened the door to the 'Gramy' 2011 Festival at which the band was awarded by journalists. Their songs were played in Polish Radio Trójka broadcasts 'The tone of Trójka'and 'Offensywa'. The group has recently completed their first EP “Autostrada”, which is a prelude to their debut album.