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Vaselyne - Necromancer

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While 'Necromancer' has been available for listening for some time, the video has only just been released. Vaselyne is a project that ambitiously blends poetic lyrics and melodies with harmonious, emotional tunes. A mesmerizing, profound, and deeply resonant original track features the amazing vocals of Frank Weyzig, who typically handles the instrumental aspects of the project, captivating listeners from the start.
The reinterpretation of 'The Doomed' by A Perfect Circle showcases Yvette's magical voice - delicate yet strong and charismatic. You can sense a hint of magic in it, a subtle shade of melancholy, contemplation, and at the same time, vitality and dynamism. The album also offers an instrumental rendition of 'Necromancer' and a remix by Pete Burns of Kill Shelter. Burns's version completely revamps the original, infusing it with a predatory, industrial sound, flirting with dark electro and noise. It sounds absolutely fantastic, with electronics taking the lead, while the tempo and beat remain strong, expressive, and full-bodied. I thoroughly enjoyed this remix, bravo. The video I mentioned earlier is a masterpiece - mystical, theatrical, reminiscent of Kate Bush's early works, and with a touch of Pina Bausch's stage style - it left a profound impression on me with its mysticism and beauty. Way to go!

Vaselyne, formed in 2011, is a collaboration between Dutch singer/lyricist Yvette Winkler and musician/producer Frank Weyzig. Influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield, Vaselyne offers intelligent ambient-alternative rock. Yvette Winkler, co-founder of "Sea of Souls" (2006), and Frank Weyzig, known for his work with "Clan of Xymox" and "Born For Bliss," bring their expertise to Vaselyne. Vaselyne's discography includes four albums released on German label Echozone. After a hiatus, they contributed to Textbeak's album in 2018.In 2022, they released singles "Devil World" and "Breathe." Signed with COP International in 2021, Vaselyne released "The Winter EP," followed by "Here to Begin" and "Shame" EPs in 2022. Their full album "The Sea Says" dropped in June 2022. The album features collaborations with artists like Lynette Cerezo, Searmanas, John Fryer, and Michael Aliani. In May 2023, they released "Under your Skin." Currently, Vaselyne is working on their new album, teasing it with the "Necromancer" EP, including a remix by Kill Shelter and a video directed by Dennis Overeem.

2.The Doomed (A Perfect Circle cover) 
3.Necromancer (Instrumental) 
4.Necromancer (Kill Shelter Remix) 

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