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Pascal Arbez-Nicolas - Vitalic

Pascal Arbez-Nicolas - Vitalic

Francja / France

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electro, electronic, techno


Band members:

Pascal Arbez-Nicolas: DJ, music producer.


Pascal Arbez -Nicolas (born in 1976), better known by his stage name Vitalic, is a French electronic dance music artist.
Inspired by: The White Stripes, Giorgio Moroder, Daft Punk, Sparks, Fad Badget, Valerie Dore, Crash Course in Science. Vitalic is creating his music using the program Brigitte, which is used to generate the vocals. His first singles were released in 1996, but were confined to the underground electronic music scene.
He co-operated with the independent label Citizen Records and has performed as Dima, Hustler Pornstar, or just Pascal Arbez (or even less - Arbez).
However, he became good friends with Michel Amato, also known as The Hacker, whom he met in the Rex, the "techno temple" of Laurent Garnier. The Hacker suggested he should send his new tracks to DJ Hell, head of Gigolo Records in Munich. Pascal did so, and International DeeJay Gigolo Records released the well known "Poney" EP in 2001, which was a huge success shortly after its release. With the track "La Rock 01", Vitalic created a club anthem which was a hit in the summer of 2001. The track was also included on many compilation albums, even rock compilations. Miss Kittin included "La Rock 01" on her DJ mix album "On the Road". In 2005, Vitalic released his debut album, "OK Cowboy" on Different/PIAS Recordings. Pascal states that all of the instruments used in the album are synthesized. His official website states that "the only thing he can't fake is the emotion that galvanizes his music".
His song "Trahison" from "OK Cowboy" was used in the trailer for the 2007 French film “Naissance des Pieuvres”.
In 2007 he released live album - "V Live". It was recorded in October 2006 in Brussels Ancienne Belgique. Album was released in the form of a Digipak in a limited edition of 5000 copies Vitalic - "V Live" (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) at Discogs.
Vitalic's second studio album "Flashmob" was released on the 28th of September 2009 - has been re-released by the label Different/[PIAS].
The song "Poison Lips" from "Flashmob" was used in the 2012 film "Dredd".
Vitalic's third studio album, “Rave Age”, was released on 5th November 2012.
Next studio album "Voyager" was released on 20th January 2017 from label Citizen Records.