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VNV Nation - Electric Sun


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VNV Nation has always merged poetic, thoughtful lyrics with a vast repertoire of melodic dance beats, anthemic electronic haunting ballads and post-classical soundtrack pieces.
Now, this legendary act returns with the brilliant new album "Electric Sun," combining the intimate and anthemic as only VNV Nation can. Today, Metropolis Records releases "Electric Sun," on a very limited edition 2 LP clear vinyl edition along with a 16 page booklet digipak compact disc as well as through all digital and streaming platforms.


01. Electric Sun
02. Before the Rain
03. The Game
04. Invictus
05. Artifice
06. In the Temple
07. Prophet
08. Wait
09. At Horizon’s End
10. Run
11. Sunflare
12. Under Sky
Author: Panic
Translator: Panic
Source: / 2023-05-19 / News

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