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Wave Gotik Treffen - first information

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen featuring artists of the first edition in 1992: Age Of Heaven, Sweet William, The Eterna Afflict, Das Ich, Henke performs songs of Goethes Erben and the exclusive and final performance of Love Like Blood (first and only live show since 1999!). Fields of the Nephilim have confirmed that they will be headlining Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2011.

Confirmed artists WGT 2011

13th Monkey (D) - Assemblage 23 (USA) - Beati Mortui (FIN) - Black Tape For A Blue Girl (USA) - Blind Passenger (D) - Camouflage (D) - Coppelius (D) - Devil's Whorehouse (S) - Die Braut (RCH) - Eraldo Bernocchi (I) - Eyes Shut Tight (D) - Alkonost (RUS) - File Not Found (D) - Die Vorboten (D) – Klingonz - Mommy Hurt My Head - Helevorn (E) - House Of Dolls(IRL) - Ikon (AUS) - Love Like Blood (D) - Les Discrets (world premiere) - Megaherz (D) - Menschdefekt (S) - Midnight Caine (S) - Militia (B) - Nehl Aëlin (F) - Nim Vind (USA) - Nitzer Ebb (GB) Nosferatu (GB) - She's All That (D) - Temple Of Twilight (D) - Fields Of The Nephilim (GB) - The Green Man (I) - The Hiram Key (GB) - The March Violets (GB) - Squishy Squid (A) -The Storm (DK) - Uni_Form (P) - Vlad In Tears (I) - Vreid (N) - XMH (NL)
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