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Xentrifuge - Converting infinity

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I do not feel envy towards music projects such as Xentrifuge, for whom putting out a new album is almost a lost cause. Strong lobby of Hocico, Suicide Commando or Combichrist fans is very critical toward new rivals. Unless their music brings a bit of fresh air, that is. In that case it's completely opposite. Unfortunately, in case of Xentrifuge we deal with manifolding well known schemes. Since their debut with "Light extinguished" over two years ago nothing has really changed for the better.

The album contains lots of aggressive and crude sounds. In the first part of the CD, "Into descent" and "Pathogen" are worth being mentioned. They create an atmosphere of roaming in the darkness, driving listeners into a specific psychosis. But now things start to get worse. Next two tracks don't stand out from the rest of the album. Choice of melody is abysmal and not thrilling at all. While listening to "Watch you burn" I can't stop thinking how many minutes are there still left to the end. It's yet another song which is not innovative nor quaint. Album picks up the pace with "Penance", which is a decent proposal for those who like faster beats, adding some temper to the CD. I can say that it is the kind of track that one expects of dark-electro EBM. It's also a harbinger of further uncompromising electronic massacre, because here comes surprisingly good "Converting infinity", richer in samples and arranged into very interesting entirety. It all ends with nostalgic "Immune", in which pace goes down, slowly leading to an end, what seems to be a good idea for concluding this chaotic album.

In my opinion Xentrifuge failed to pass an exam of knowledge of needs of an ordinary listener because of poor recording quality, limiting to flactuance of tempo and not offering any alternative like richer vocal repertoire. This album sounds out of date and doesn't draw any attention. It's biggest virtue is that it lasts less than 50 minutes, so when played at the party we can go and have a break without any concerns.


01. Dormant
02. Into descent
03. Pathogen
04. Strain
05. Black horizon
06. Error seven
07. Watch you burn
08. Penance
09. Converting infinity
10. Immune
Translator: kifer
Add date: 2010-07-27 / Music reviews

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