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Your Enemy - Broken Toys

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It seems that  following the post-punk trend, we are now witnessing a surge in duos, a combination that delivers a powerful impact. Currently, I'm exploring a Swedish project with a friendly name, Your Enemy, which gifted us the album 'Broken Toys' on January 26. Given my personal interest in this topic, I decided to delve into the album. Let's talk about the subject and the publisher's name. Torny Gottberg, overseeing Carl Nilsson and Viva Petersdotter under the Progress Productions banner, is also associated with the excellent Cryo project. His attention to quality within his pool and his own achievements make him and his artists deserving of attention.
Now, onto the listening experience. The album kicks off a bit slowly; 'Breathe' is undeniably a hypnotic piece of good electronica, yet it doesn't entirely foreshadow what the album holds. It's a tad too monotonous and calm for that. Thankfully, the second track 'I Am The Surprise' picks up the pace to a more reasonable level. The intriguing beat, combined with pulsating electronic vibrations and a catchy melody, adds a distinctive flavor. 'My Passion' marks a turning point where things truly become captivating. Despite its slower pace, it exudes sharpness and fire, showcasing the power of Viva's unique, whispered melo-recitation vocals.
One of my favorites, 'It's Gone,' boasts a fantastic melodic composition with an exceptional beat. The harmonious sequences, punctuated by beats, work together seamlessly. Another standout on the album is 'Bad Things,' combining epic, cinematic scope, the clash of two contrasting vocals—sharp Carl's and the sexy, warm, mysterious Viva's—and an energetic, catchy beat. The title track 'Broken Toys' successfully demonstrates vocal experimentation, playing with different melodic temperatures and tempos within a single song.
Distinguishing itself from the overall solid electronica presented on the album is 'Ohm', which introduces a club atmosphere reminiscent of psy trance, bordering on techno. The fast beat, tempo, and good melody create an engaging experience. 'Taming the Tigress' leans towards EBM, presenting a definite dance track, perfect for commanding the dance floor. The album concludes with the somewhat mystical and sublime 'Dead Dolls,' a duet by both vocalists, reminiscent of early Laibach.
In summary, it's an intriguing album—a delight for enthusiasts of electronic sounds—thoughtfully arranged and meticulously produced.

1. Breathe
2. I Am the Suprise
3. My Passion
4. It's Gone
5. Bad Things
6. Broken Toys
7. Deep Fear
8. Ohm
9. Taming the Tigress
10. Dead Dolls

Release date: 26.01.24
Label: Progress Productions
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-01-29 / Music reviews

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