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Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero
Zeitgeist Zero

Anglia / United Kingdom

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, deathrock, goth, Gothic, rock


Band members:

Teresa Dead - Vocals
Corin Zero - Guitar, Synths & Drums
Bex Noire - Bass & Backing Vocals
James Grave - Synths & Backing Vocals


Zeitgeist Zero is as its members claim an eclectic mix of various musical influences that fuse electronics with guitars with a place for elements of melodic piano and passionate vocals. The band was was formed in late 90's by Teresa and Corin. In December 2000 the young British group from Leeds (hometown of Sisters of Mercy) released their first demo CD, "Coping Mechanism". In the beginning of 2003 Zeitgeist Zero was powered by a new member, keyboard player- Kerry. The first ever debut gig was performed in March 2003, at The Primrose, Leeds. However their first music festival at Nottingham Rock City - Dark Salvation 2 took place in July 2004.

Throughout many years Zeitgeist Zero's songs has appeared on various compilation albums, such as: "Dark Salvation - Volume 1" (July 2004) or for the compilation on Sonic Seducer, Zillo and Kaleidoscope. "Zeitgeist Zero" album was produced in 2005 by the band and released thanks to Resurrection Records. The British  were interviewed by "The Mick-Issue 15", "Zillo", "Kaleidoscope", "Unscene" and "The Worst Magazine". In April 2005 they performed on Beyond The Veil III festival in Leeds and few months later supported Killing Miranda and The Last Dance.

This year fans of the underground British group had an opportunity to admire them on the stage during Wave Gotik Treffen. Now Zeitgeist Zero prepares a new material for their second full-length album.

In April 2009 the band released their second album 'Dead To The World', which won reviewing panel's favourite album of the month. Dead To The World was mixed by John Fryer (NIN, HIM, Depeche Mode) and mastered by John Dent (Goldfrapp, Motorhead, Led Zepplin).

The band have so far played legendary festivals Whitby Gothic Weekend (April 2009) and Wave Gotik Treffen (2006), touring throughout the UK and Europe.