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16 Volt

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16 Volt
16 Volt band

16 Volt
16 Volt


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
coldwave, industrial, industrial metal, industrial rock


Band members:

Eric Powell
Mike Peoples
Kraig Tyler
John "Servo" DeSalvo


16 Volt is the one-man studio project of Eric Powell with other members added mostly for live shows. Members have mostly included Mike Peoples(bass guitar), Kraig Tyler (guitar) and John "Servo" DeSalvo (drums). The son of a record executive, Powell became interested in music early on, and formed 16 Volt in 1988. While shopping his demos several years later, he met up with a college-radio music director who agreed to release the recordings on his newly formed Re-constriction label. After working with Skinny Puppy's Dave Ogilvie on production, 16 Volt released debut album, Wisdom, in 1993. Skin followed in 1994, after which the project met Hate Dept. on the Remix Wars EP. 16 Volt's third album, LetDownCrush, signaled the end of Powell's relationship with Re-Constriction; SuperCoolNothing, issued in 1998, appeared on the Slipdisc imprint of Mercury/PolyGram. Demography appeared in fall 2000. They also provided the combat soundtrack for the game Primal which, despite positive reviews, failed to sell as expected. A sample CD was provided with the limited edition version of the game, along with a commercial soundtrack sold later which both boosted interest in the band (especially in countries outside the US where they were not well known). 16 Volt had a cameo appearance in the Cult PS2 game Primal, where they played in a club in the opening cut scene as well as supplying combat music such as Happy Pill, Suffering You, And I Go, Keep Sleeping, At The End and Alkali. The band made a highly successful recent comeback with their first release of original material for nine years, with 2007's FullBlackHabit. Then in year 2009 16 Volt released American Porn Songs and several months later  American Porn Songs // Remixed. 16 Volt to care her fans and serves them 11 May 2001 year your subsequent work Beating Dead Horses.