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A new video Bratrstvo Luny - Továrny na smrt Auschwitz - Birkenau


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Bratrstvo Luny presents a new clip – "Tovarny na smrt (Factories of Death) Auschwitz – Birkenau". It comes from the latest album " La Loba Ante Portas", released in May 2011.

The spiritual leader of RXThamo formation comments on it in the interview for Polish magazine "Przesilenie":

"The murderous Nazi perpetuum mobile was the triumph of contempt towards people. These thousands of piles of shoes in Oświęcim... You see their smiles and You can’t imagine that someone gave an order to gas them. I cried and I felt a huge amount of anger. It seems impossible to happen but it did. I felt ashamed of politicians and "powerful people" who let it happen, took part in it and didn’t react at all. Later, when I saw teenagers who were crying while watching the exhibition, I felt a flash of strange kind of happiness. The message of past generations has its inheritors and it must be entourage for dying witnesses and their offspring. Long after that I was considering if I should commemorate the theme with a song. We created it and it’s the most powerful song of our band. Hopefully, its solemn message will induce listeners to think it over... "

The mentioned clip to "Továrny na smrt Auschwitz" can be seen here in our video's database.
Author: mukor
Translator: depeshka
Source: / 2011-12-05 / News

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