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Bratrstvo Luny

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Bratrstvo Luny
Logo - Bratrstvo Luny

Bratrstvo Luny
Count R.X Thamo and Lord Darkthep

Czechy / Czech Republic

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Hrabě R.X.Thámo – lyrics
Lord Darkthep – music

and special guests:

Maestro Xpíl
Tomáš Kobdzey Kašpar
Jirka Haik Hájek
Piotr Pšotek
Zdeněk Tvrdík

and others


Bratrstvo Luny (The Brotherhood of Luna) is a Czech duo, formed by Count R.X. Thamo and Lord Darkthep. These musicians from the river Vltava basin call themselves gothic rock troubadours. Bratrstvo Luny is an author tandem, who invites special guests to carry out its projects in studio and concerts. All co-guests are skilled musicians of the Czech rock scene. Bratrstvo Luny has debuted in fall 2007 recording demo "Goticka Duse", which was positively received by fans and music critics. After the single "Nomen Rosae" (2008) Bratrstvo Luny issued a regular CD titled "Goethit" (2009) which was widely acclaimed not only on Czech, but also on the Polish dark independent scene. Most Brotherhood’s work is compared to the works of Czech gothic rock legend XIII Stoleti. Though Bratrstvo Luny is considered a classic gothic rock band, their works (both lyrics and music) go beyond the designated boundaries of the genre. Live “Goethit” baptism took place on 5 May 2010 in Prague's legendary music club Futurum Music Bar. The CD’s godmother - writer Jenny Novak wrote: "This is a concert, theater, poetry evening. All in one. Lambent glow of Luna in various shades, touching the innermost places of the soul, and at her pale face BRATRSTVO transmits its message ..."