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Ahráyeph - Logo


Belgia / Belgium

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
goth rock, Gothic, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Raf -  Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Synths and Drum programming
Xavier Rossey -  Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Ness -  Keyboards and Samples
Sam Devos -  Sound- and Videoscapes


Ahráyeph's origins lie back in the mid- nineties, when Raf started Crucifire, a band that was influenced by The God Machine and Fields of the Nephilim, but also took its cues from the doom metal scene, inspired by bands like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. However, Crucifire, as a band, died a quick death while Raf also joined Black Metal band Ancient Rites for the first time, to replace former guitarist Bart, right after the release of this band's second album 'Blasfemia Eternal'. This was also a temporary phase, but Raf's part in Ancient Rites' history wasn't over yet. After some attempts to work again within the band format, including an attempt to have a more alternative rock sound under the guise of Sole, Raf then chose to work as a solo recording project. A revived interest from several people in the old Crucifire work around the turn of the century made Raf decide to go back and reconnect with his roots. With the metal aspect of the music subdued this time around and instead opting to put the eighties GothRock/Dark Wave/New Wave to the fore, he went to work on writing new songs, which resulted in a demo of three songs. During this transitional period, Raf also decided on a name change, to emphasize the musical departure and changed the name from Crucifire to Ahráyeph.