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Anima Virus

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Anima Virus
Anima Virus

Anima Virus
Anima Virus

Włochy / Italy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, Gothic, Gothic Rock, Synth gothic


Band members:

Aurelio - voice, guitar
Lucy - bass
Deneb - synth, keyboards


The Anima Virus project was born in 1996, after the dissolution of the preceding band, ”The Vacuum”, in which Aurelio Gioia was singer and guitarist. The sound of the band was near to late seventies post-punk tradition :early Christian Death, Cure, Bauhaus.
Currently Anima Virus project enriches his sounds with electronic nuances close to latest Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp and to the electro-punk californian scene like (Vanishing,Sixteens...)

Anima Virus was born by the way of a sound research aimed at actualize and personalize the literary and philosophical topics of the ancient classic culture utilizing a musical electro-rock code which contains a marked attitude to introspective contents, and some themes concerning the social alienation. The hard and acid, but at the same time tuneful and charmed sound (thanks to a great evocative peculiarity) makes oneself clear in a powerful composition owing to its natural tendency to the electronic experimentation united to love for the Californian gothic-death-rock.