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Anja Orthodox - W teatrze cieni
Anja Orthodox – the black lady of Polish music stage, known as the leader of Closterkeller. After years of announcements and waiting she announces the premiere of her solo material. The first trailer on Monday.

Although the idea of solo album is not new, its creation has been pretty hard due to intense work in Closterkeller and other side projects. Finally, after many talks with fans and record label she started to work on it. Anja's aim is a 100% solo album, which means she is going to be responsible for whole music, lyrics, production and most of the instrumantal layers. The first single will be "W teatrze cieni" dedicated to Anja's best friend - Tomasz Beksiński.
Tomasz Beksiński (1958 - 1999) music journalist, radio presenter, translator. Privately close friend of Anja.She says he was her best friend and thanks to him she could realize what it means to be a true friend. With his goodness and being selfless he taught her a lot and made her better. She missed him a lot and he will always have a place in her heart.

Anja was the last person he talked to on the day of his death on 24th December 1999. Soon after that event she wrote a song dedicated to him but she has never decided to publish it. She has hept it safe thinking of her solo album. After 16 years we got very emotional and touching composition which will be presented to you on 26th September 2016.

Single premiere: 26.09.2016
clip premiere: 30.09.2016
Author: morrigan
Translator: morrigan
Source: magicrecords / 2016-09-25 / News

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