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Benefit For Animals In Need - In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy


"Benefit For Animals In Need - In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy" is a compilation to benefit the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Release consists 31 tracks in such genres as world music, gothic, industrial, dark ambient.

Their rapid and effective response to the animals affected by Hurricane Sandy hasn’t only been amazing but critical in helping those who have no voice.
ASPCA provides rescue, evacuation shelter, emergency medical treatment and food and currently they are running emergency pet boarding facilities for families who have been displaced. These services are offered at no cost.
All proceeds of this compilation will go directly to the ASPCA to help them in their current efforts as well as helping them to be ready to respond when disaster strikes again.
Some of artists, who join with their songs are: Monica Richards, Bortherhood, Arcana, Sophia, Angelic Foe, Caroline Jago, Aythis, Eldar and many others.

You can download this 31 tracks and help animals via this link.
Listen pieces under below.


01. ELDAR - Pacte De Sang
02. Caroline Jago - Hope
03. Arcana - Chant III
04. ZandoZ Corp. - Ânima-Lâmina
05. Veil of Blue - All In Vein
06. Saltarello - Nord-Vèlm
07. Tribes Of Medusa - Ahimsa
08. Caisa - Vacker
09. Angelic Foe - Love Lies Bleeding
10. Star Industry - Sin
11. The Cross Between - How Long
12. Alice Moving Under Skies - Futile
13. Monica Richards - We Go On
14. Aythis - Phoenix
15. Anzeigen - For Diana May, Our Angel Eternal
16. The Floating World - Beyond the Hills
17. Brotherhood - So Many Stars
18. Purr Machine - Pretend To Understand
19. Wakeford & Rosen - PussBag
20. Sophia - Nu får du gapa i all evighet
21. Heresiarch - Threshold
22. CHOAM - To the Conquered End
23. The Implicit Order - These Unseen Woods
24. Peter Bjärgö - Horizon
25. Staalkracht - There Is No Way To Happiness
26. The Hare And The Moon - Crazy Man Michael
27. Bleak - It's a Shame About Mary
28. Creepers - Daddy Death
29. Mercy Inc. - The Poor The Sick The Uneducated
30. Theologian - POLYDACTYL
31. Melankolia - Monday's Sorrow

Author: NataliaElanor
Translator: NataliaElanor
Source: / 2012-11-29 / News

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