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Bete Noire

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Bete Noire

Bete Noire
Bete Noire - Wroclaw Niezalezny, June 2006

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
cold wave, post-rock


Band members:

Arnold Górka - vocal, guitar
Grzegorz Dziewicki - guitar, programming, analog & softsynths 
Krzysztof Rak - bass Jan Krukowski - drums, percussion 
Pawel Macieja - clarinet, analog synths, saxophone


The music presented by the group weaves into popular at the turn of the 70's/80's new wave/cold wave trend. The atmosphere of sounds and construction of their music seem to refer to that tradition but their musical support has been polished up with a new idea of sound. Using original instruments (apart from traditional instruments which are present in popular music, we can also find unique analogue synthesisers from Eastern Europe or wind instruments from clarinet group), the group searches for their own conception of sound. The whole of their music gives a charming mixture, in which careful listeners can track down not only threads of post-punk, early electro and psychodelic but also ethnic or cabaret music.