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Post-rock music uses rock instrumentation but disregards typical "rock" song structure. Mostly instrumental, a typical track features quiet arpeggios around simple chord progressions that swell into rousing crescendos. Fans liken the style to the avant-garde with soundscapes similar to that of "classical" music, while detractors counter that most modern post-rock is just pretentious, bloated noodling on a basic format. As with many musical genres, the term is arguably inadequate as a concise descriptor: for example, Don Caballero and Tortoise were among the more prominent bands of the 1990s described as post-rock, but the two bands' music has very little in common besides the fact that they are both instrumental and centered on guitars and drums. As such, the term has been the subject of backlash from listeners and artists alike. Although firmly rooted in the indie or underground scene of the 1980s and '90s, post-rock's style often bears little resemblance musically to that of indie rock.

Artists belong to the genre


Country: Anglia / England / Date of establishing : 2001


Country: Francja / France / Date of establishing : 2000

Arms and Sleepers

Country: USA / Date of establishing : 2006

Bete Noire

Country: Polska / Poland / Date of establishing : 2005

Crippled Black Phoenix

Country: Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 2004


Country: Polska / Poland / Date of establishing : 2010-05-30