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Body Art Convention in Warsaw!
This weekend on the 4th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw the second edition of Body Art Convention is taking place. The event combines tattoos, pin-up/rockabilly style and art. Apart from this also custom motorcycles and Harley Davidson machines come to the Palace.
There are also attractions connected with Hans Rudolf Giger, Swiss painter who invented the character of xenomorph for the film "Alien". The creative output of Giger is well-known for everybody who is interested in tattoos. His paintings inspire a lot of artists today.
This year one of the contest for the best tattoo is – a tattoo inspired by Giger. The member of the jury will be Ryszrd Wojtyński, Polish artist and also a fan and friend of Giger. The exhibition of Giger’s paintings and the lecture given by Wojtyński are additional attractions.
The organizers emphasise pin-up/rockabilly style, American style from the 40s and 50’s, which is becoming more and more popular in Poland. We are waiting for the girls in such stylizations who are ready to perform on stage – Katarzyna Ponikowska encourages.
There are also tattoo and piercing shows, workshops, bodypainting and airbrush shows.
The participants may try to make a tattoo or take part in a free airbrush painting training or allow make-up artists to do a make – up for them and then take part in a professional photo session.

More info at www.bodyartconvention.p l
Author: Vadi07
Translator: morrigan
Source: / 2012-10-28 / Events

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