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BOY HARSHER + Hide | 31.05.22 | Hype Park, Cracow
Boy Harsher will appear in Warsaw and Krakow to promote his latest album "The Runner (Original Soundtrack)", which was released in January this year. The album is the sound equivalent of the film of the same title that Boy Harsher made during the pandemic. It is a horror movie mixed with a meta-document illustrating the process of making the album. It is worth recalling here that the members of the team met during film studies.
The duo, created by Jae Matthews and Augustus Miller, is currently one of the most popular representatives of the minimal synth trend, although they describe their music simply as "dark electronics".
Boy Harsher was founded in 2013 in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA and was first known as Teen Dreamz. In 2014, the first EP of the duo "Lesser Man" was released, and in 2016, the first album entitled "Yr Body is Nothing", supplemented with the EP "Country Girl" in 2017 and the album "Careful" in 2019.
The evening will be complemented by a performance by the Chicago duo Hide.

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31.05.22 HYPE PARK, Cracow ul. Kamienna 12
18:00 DOORS
20:00 START 
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