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Bremenn live

Bremenn live

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, industrial metal, industrial rock


Band members:

Krzysztof Anulewicz – vocal
Grzegorz Kabasa – guitar, programming
Atek Radej – guitar, programming
Tomasz Graczyk – bass
Piotr Kurczuk – drums


Bremenn is a fusion of energetic electronic sounds with heavy guitar riffs. The idea of live performances is a visual presentation of the music that combines elements of rock show and theatrical play.

The story starts in 1995, in Lublin. That time the place was full of musicians focused on proving that they are better instrumentalists than others. Nobody seemed to realize, that learning how to play is only a first step on a long way and creativity doesn't mean knowing all the tabulatures in the world. In these circumstances creating a band wasn't easy. That's why Bremmen project was at first a kind of virtual creation, or simply: a dream of Grzegorz Kabasa, the guitarist and composer.
Inspired with growing possibilities of using computers in process of composing, with a common Sound Blaster and Cakewalk Express he started to compose first tracks. Fully arranged compositions were almost ready. Time was passing by bringing lyrics written on the basis of surrounding reality. They were critical, ironic and bitter. For Grzegorz Kabasa it was obvious that the most important part of Bremenn project would be it's message.
In 2003, with all the music ready, G.K. asked some friends to join him. They were: Mirosław Nieścior – guitarist, Mariusz Kukuryk – drummer, Piotr Dankiewicz – bass guitarist and Jakub Tabaczewski – vocal. Until today there were several changes in the band lineup: Tomasz Graczyk took place of bass player, Atek Radej became a new guitarist, Piotr Kurczuk took over the drums and Krzysztof Anulewicz became a new vocalist.
After a piece of hard work on acquiring existing compositions they achieved uncommon effect – specific combination of electronic and deep, heavy guitar sounds, kept in a quite dark style.

In 2006 the band published "Promo 2006" EP containing three songs: "Lies Won't Die", "Single Idol" and "Historia Ostatnia". All the lyrics written in english, except one – “Historia ostatnia” ("Final Affair") composed for Andrzej Mathiasz's polish film „Numer”.

On Feb 26th 2013 the band released a twelve track concept album called “Flowers Of Fall” available worldwide through digital distribution. It’s also available as a physical CD containing album lyrics and photos.

"Flowers Of Fall" is a concept album that tells a certain story. That's why the band encourages the listeners to buy all the tracks, which are connected. This way one gets the right view of the story the band wans to tell.

Grzegorz Kabasa says about the album:
"The main character that appears in our lyrics is half-robot – on one side he strongly longs to something, but on the other side gets carried away in a virtual world. He's half-human as well, but he has to struggle for staying on the right side of the screen, even though the media and technology show different models of life [...] We want to call attention to this problem, because if we forget ourselves, we'll soon turn out to be just a bunch of pixels on the computer screen marching to the rhythm of the marketers."

Bremenn project doesn't confine itself to classical rock-playing band. It is going to create a show using wide range of visual effects, accompanied by VJ's and actors. Parts of it are used right now in bands performances, some parts are still waiting to be used. Uncommon sound of Bremenn project is classified in various genres. In fact the band doesn't care about classifications. It's music is dark and not especially masterly fashioned. Based on sharp guitars with electronic sounds and supported with state design.
Main purpose is the message: dark and mysterious, but reasonable, defending intellectual values, without focusing on passing fashions. One can say that it's nothing new, but many seem to forget about thinking on behalf of buying and consuming.