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Latexxx Teens

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Latexxx Teens
Latexxx Teens

Latexxx Teens
Latexxx Teens

Włochy / Italy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
cyberpunk, industrial, industrial metal, industrial rock


Band members:

Lex Kaos - vocals
Icy-X - bass, programing, vocals
Kami Plastic - guitars, programming, backing vocals
La Nuit - guitars
Roy Toxic - keyboards, synthesizers


Latexxx Teens was formed in Italy during the famous national black-out of 2003 by Icy X, Kami Plastik and Lex Kaos. The plan was to start a dangerous & powerfull industrial glam-punk band in the veins of Shotgun Messiah, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Sex Pistols, Murderdolls, Dead Boys, Vampire Love Dolls, The Kovenant. All the Teens want is to be the most, the fastest, the loudest creature in the music business. They are lovers, haters and fuckin' drug addicted. Teens can't relate to just being mediocre!!!

Latex (De)Generation is the debut Ep of Latexxx Teens and contains five industrial glam/ punk anthems: they mixed their love for New York Dolls with Marilyn Manson' s decadence & grotesque, shaking all with Shotgun Messiah's wall of sound.

After disintegration, mutation & evolution (La Nuit, guitar player of My Sixth Shadow joined LXT to complete the line up) band came back in the studio with Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) as producer and the result is “Moloko & Ultra-Violence”, six hate anthems, a soundtrack for mass murderin, an hymn for the next comin' armageddon. Violent New Breed is finally created.

signed with Decadance Records (in the mean time Roy joined the band) to release the first full- lenght. LXT & Victor Love, partners in crimes, worked together again for writin' a new chapter of the apocalypse! Now Armageddon has finally its soundtrack and it's called “Death Club Entertainment”!

After good responses about Death Club Entertainment, LXT start to think about a new album and the introduction of a real drummer.
Some fan clubs born around the world (UK, USA, RUSSIA, GERMANY) and the band starts to planning live show in Europe

Latexxx Teens
joined the Family of Mama Trash Promotion inc.  as family artist. On june a remix for the band “I Wrestled a Bear Once”
was released on a special edition cd by century media records. On september They Played @ Rock the Lake festival  in sashensburg AT with band such “Rage”, “Sonic Syndicate”, “Lacrimas Profundere” , “Omega Lythium”, “Dopestars inc”. The teens started the recording session of the new EP “Adrenochrome” 5 new previously unreleased songs available only on digital distribuition, the Ep is produce by Victor Love (DSI) and Kami Plastik.