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Chamber of Echoes

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Chamber of Echoes
Chamber of Echoes


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Klaryssa Korolenkov
Jeffrey Myers
Chris Marin
Xavier Mendoza
Tim Rosales



Chamber of Echoes is a female fronted and produced industrial pop/rocktronica/visual music project, conceived by vocalist, musician, composer, producer, artist, and designer Klaryssa Korolenkov. The band is more that just a “band”, but a multi-media project that combines live musical performance, visual projections, costume design, visual art and design. The band comes to life with the addition of Jeffrey Myers (guitar, keys, additional songwriting), Tim Rosales III (guitar, additional production), Xavier Mendoza (bass), and Christopher Marin (drums, electronic percussion).

Fans have compared them to the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Lady Gaga, Celldweller, Kidneythieves, Kerli, Cinema Bizzare, Blaqk Audio, The Birthday Massacre and Snake River Conspiracy.
The band has also shared the stage alongside notable acts such as Shiny Toy Guns, Dommin, Stolen Babies, Vera Mesmer, Killmatriarch (members of System of a Down), The Anix, White Pulp (members of Pigface), local favorites such as Evolove, 8mm, and Stitched Up Heart. Klaryssa is in collaboration with Industrial project Team Cybergeist, and has worked alongside with Jay Baumgardner (Linkin Park, Evanescence), Jay Gordon (Orgy), John Tempesta (White Zombie), Jon Fuller (Helmet), Angel Bartolotta (Dope, Koch Records), Jack Sinamian (Die Trying), and I Am Ghost (Epitaph Records).

Chamber of Echoes has merchandise at hand with a look that challenges current trends, various technologically cutting edge promotional tactics such as USB wristbands, a personal website that reflects the importance of fan interaction and creativity, multiple videos on YouTube,and all EP's are digitally distributed worldwide.
The band, being completely independent, has alone amassed over 18,000 facebook "likes", nearly 35,000 internet fans and has profiles on more than 25 major social networks across the internet.