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Collection D’Arnell-Andréa - A Recrafted Winter
"A Recrafted Winter" sees France’s pioneers of all sounds dark and melancholic create a wholly remastered, remixed and electrified sister record to this soulful piece of art.

Collection d’Arnell-Andréa is a French neoclassical darkwave band founded by Jean-Christophe d’Arnell, Pascal Andréa and Chloé St Liphard in 1986. Their music features keyboards, cello and Chloé’s vocals. The band is known for including a large collection or ensemble of musicians in its live performances and has performed at numerous international music festivals.
Available from 6 December 2019 by Resurrection Records.

Another Winter (Recrafted version)
Barks Of Rime (Recrafted version)
By The Pond (Recrafted version)
Des Étangs En Exil (Recrafted version)
Le Jour Venu (Recrafted version)
Les Bancs De Sable (Recrafted version)
Les Blés-Océans (Recrafted version)
Les Périssoires (Recrafted version)
Pangs Of Severance (Recrafted version)
Saules Sans Voix (Recrafted version)
The Grief Of Waves (Recrafted version)
The Shadow Of A Flower (Recrafted version)
Author: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2019-12-04 / News

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