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Copernicon 2016 is getting closer!


Games and fantasy festival Copernicon 2016 is getting closer! We invite you to Torun already on 16th-18th September.
The festival offers hundreds of hours of program presented to the participants in various forms, such as lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, tournaments, competitions, meetings with famous personalities from the world of literature, pop culture or games. Fire show, dance shows, hundreds of board and video games and concerts - these are just examples of attractions that await visitors in Toruń.
Copernicon is also the magic of Toruń’s gothic Old City. The festival takes place in the very heart of it, offering to participants dozens of climatic and historically important places and hundreds of clubs, cafes and restaurants. When visiting Torun, you cannot miss the opportunity to take a stroll through the narrow streets in the shadows of historic buildings.
We invite to visit the Festival not only people spending their time with games and fantasy for years, but also all the casual players and those who want to experience something new and broaden their knowledge and interests. Besides attractions for fans of specific themes, the event offers hundreds of hours of entertainment with dozens of themes and curiosities of the modern world. We guarantee that at Copernicon everyone will find something for themselves.
This year's edition of the Festival will take place from 16th-18th September.
This year Copernicon occupies as many as six spacious locations in the center of Toruń: 1st High School, Collegium Minus, Contemporary Art Centre, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Nicolaus Copernicus University, Youth Culture Centre, Arthur's Court.
Come and see it for yourself!
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