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WTF - Toruń Fantasy Weekend 2/2014


If you are a fan of widely understood fantasy, you are interested in Japan, magic and anime, you like playing boardgames or card games or you like RPG sessions or LARPs, this event is for you!

13-14 December in Toruń!

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Toruń Fantasy Weekend is an initiative of Thorn Association and Dekiru - Japanese culture club which is supposed to provide some fun while waiting for Copernicon 2015.

In February the second edition of the event took place. Thorn Association decided to organize one more to close the convents year 2014 in Toruń.

The main topic will be the mixture of Caribbean and Zombie à la Dead Island!

Thanks to cooperation with Community Centre the event will take place exactly there in Toruń old town. There will be several thematic sections. This year it will be almost 200 hours of events in sections:

- Japan - Anime - Manga
- Fantasy section
- Competitions section
- Main Room - biggest attractions
- Games Room
- Video Room

 13 - 14 December2014. It starts on Saturday at 10:00 and closes on Sunday at 6:00pm.

Main building of Community Centre in Toruń will be opened 
• from Saturday 10:00 to Sunday 6:00 pm non stop.

the cost of full accreditation is  20 PLN.
• full (two days) accreditation: 20 PLN
• one day (Saturday): 10 PLN
• one day (Sunday): 10 PLN

If you need accomodation you may sleep in Primary School no 1 for only 5 PLN.

Author: Closter
Translator: morrigan
Source: / 2014-12-06 / Events

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