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Decadent Fun Club - OKO
The album "OKO" is dedicated to all those who are "on the way to themselves". 10 tracks, arranged in a non-random order, are a journey through the meanders of various, sometimes extreme feelings and emotions.

The symbol on the cover is a compass - "OKO", mentioned in the titular track. "The eye of the cyclone", or a calm place in the middle of a great storm. The essence of the lyrics of "OKO" is "a calm heart". Although cognitive specialists recognize the brain as the only center of human command, according to poets, the heart is responsible for feelings and emotions, as well as intuition. Following the poetic trail, let us acknowledge that the heart is such an internal compass, which serves for navigation - helping to determine the position and indicate the direction. For the compass to work properly, peace is needed.

We wish you beautiful journeys with the album "OKO" and peace in your heart, even when there is a storm around - so that it is always known where you are and where you are heading.

Author: khocico
Translator: khocico
Source: / 2024-03-05 / News

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