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Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel

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I have right at the front of me brand new hybrid in SACD and Audio CD (and extra DVD) containing latest "precious" from legendary Depeche Mode, LP called "Playing The Angel". It's a long awaited LP, that was very mysterious for a long time, very few knew what we can expect. Will it be something good, or another weak LP like Exiter?  (thats very common opinon of their last record). I've been listening to P.T.A. for many times and i think that it's a great record, maybe not for orthodox fans or for someone who doesnt like dirty and hard sound that are similar to some NiN songs. Playing The Angel is divided to two parts. First one, that ends with Precious, is faster, more rockin' and the second one that starts with Macro sang by Martin L.Gore, this second part is sad and slower, except Lilian. Band definitely prooved that he's capable to create something new, something various, something realy good. In a double CD/DVD box you get also book with good photos, and DVD with videoclip Precious, interview with Band and photogallery, and also special acoustic version of Clean. Anyway it's a superb LP, worth buying and listening to it!

Tracklist CD:
1. A Pain That I'm Used To,
2. Jonh The Revelator,
3. Suffer Well,
4. The Sinner in me,
5. Precious,
6. Macro,
7. I want it All,
8. Nothings Impossible,
9. Introspectre,
10. Damaged People,
11. Lilian,
12. The Darkest Star

Tracklist DVD:

1. Playing The Angel in 5.1 and Stereo
2. Making The Angel
3. Precious (Video)
4. Clean (bare)
5. Photo Gallery

Translator: Attack
Add date: 2005-10-17 / Music reviews

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